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Secret Meat | Dec 2019

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Hanwoo 1+ (Shortloin)

Presenting, for the first time, an extremely limited meat in Bali. Entice your culinary senses with the Godfather of Wagyu – Hanwoo 1+.  Hand-picked directly from Korea by the passionate hands of Chef-Owner Joel Si Jin. We bring you our Hanwoo 1+ exclusively for the month of December 2019. The Hanwoo is raised only in Korea and regarded as one of the world's best-quality meats, not to mention being famous for its richness in flavour and texture.

Hanwoo 1+ - A native-Korean cow and one of the oldest indigenous breeds in the world is highly coveted in its indigenous land. Mainly raised free-range in the countryside, with great natural resources and a mixed grain diet. The delicate intramuscular fat adds to the juiciness while enhancing the flavour. As you take the first bite of the thin crust, the outside cracks and tastebuds are delighted with the rich beef flavour of the Hanwoo 1+.

One does not chew Hanwoo, it simply melts.



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