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Secret Meat | February 2020

The one & Only Certified Kobe-A5 stamped with "Nojigiku" from Hyogo Prefecure

Renowned world wide for being the greatest Wagyu on Earth, Certified Kobe A5 stamped with “Nojigiku” from Hyogo Prefecture is now within the chambers of SI JIN Steakhouse in Bali. With a certificate of authenticity which gives us 100% traceability of its origins, it is a meat known for its finely dispersed 'shimofuri', succulent texture, and luxurious tenderness.

The absolute number of Kobe Beef cuts is so small that almost half to the beef circulated as Kobe Beef are close but not exactly the top quality. True Kobe beef has an unbeatable fleshy texture which fine and tender, one that is not readily available in Bali, let alone Indonesia. Luckily for you, you can experience this high-classed “marbled beef” at SI JIN Steakhouse.

A meat known for its finely dispersed 'shimofuri'


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